A Sensational Confession Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin made a sensational confession. After several times denied, chanter 'Livin' La Vida Loca 'was finally admitted that he was a gay.

"I am proud to say I am a homosexual man who was lucky. I feel happy to be able to be myself, 'wrote a man who is now aged 38 was on his personal site as reported by Contact Music, Tuesday (30/3/2010).

In a statement, Ricky admitted heavy enough to hide his sexual orientation during this. Until finally, he felt the fans need to know about it. He then decided to pour everything into one book.

"I believe that through this book can help me release my burden, 'he wrote.

In fact, rumors of a Gay Ricky's long enough in circulation. Gossip is sticking to the surface when the singer from Puerto Rico was adopted Matteo and Valentino, twins born to a mother's guardian in 2008.

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