Floods Caused By Man's Own

Residents are very concerned about flooding when the rainy season. The last news I see in Bandung, Indonesia in particular is experiencing. Also in the UK were hit by floods. Torrential rain and alleys clogged drainage one cause of flooding. As citizens we should be able to minimize the impact by taking out the trash in its place. At least can reduce the blockage caused by garbage in the hallways.

The rainy season this time can be harmful for people who live in low land areas that do not have access to the water drainage that does not support. The hallways of this water drainage need to be considered during the rainy season arrives. Starting from the results from the disposal of garbage and silt citizens who rose through the passage.

Now let us love the earth by taking out the trash in place and planting a tree in the house is one thing that is very easy and convenient. There is no harm in us to do so for the sake of continuity this beloved earth. We hope that what has been done can hopefully minimize the flooding in our respective regions.

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