About Intuition Part 1

Definition of Intuition

Intuition is elevated to a kind of divine status, especially in New age circles. Intuition is used to guide us to know that a new way of life is very different from what we have been thought in the past. Intuition can show us an appropriate step to take(one that moves us in the right direction without being too frightening for our vulnerable selves or too radical for our consevatives parts).

Intuition is most likely push you gently toward takng some appropriate risks and trying new things. Intuition is showing you that you have a new direction in which you need to move or that there is something within you that is trying to come trough. Intuition can show you what you do. With Intuition you may find that the process of making decisions change. Intuition can guide the process of life. Intuition guiding us to our own highest good and the greater good for all concerned.

With Intuition sometimes behave in new and different ways, and others may sometimes be temporarily disappointed or upset. Intuition can change your life. Intuition is the only real valuable things-Albert Einstein-. Intuition is sixth sense human have. Intuition used for decision-making.

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