Obama to Indonesia's arrival was delayed until June 2010

Obama to Indonesia's arrival was delayed until June 2010, according to the news story of Obama's White House was determined to maintain the Bill of Health in the United States. The reason Obama has been fighting for the Bill in parliament and Obama want to be in the country during the parliamentary vote on the health bill done.

This delay is making a lot of Assisi elementary school students in Jakarta disappointed. Assisi Elementary School who once Obama went to school, every day prettified. According to Obama's plan will make a speech in Kemayoran, Jakarta.White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama wanted to remain in Washington to ensure the health bill wins.

Voting parliament done about the bill March 21 local time, or the same day Obama is scheduled to come to Indonesia. According to Gibbs and Obama's visit to Indonesia is considered important and will not offend Indonesia.Voting leaders later made a majority of 216 votes needed to approve. U.S. Republican Party firmly disagree if the health bill was won. Obama has not had the support of members of the party house.

Delays Obama to Indonesia until June 2010 harvest of controversy in Indonesia. According to members of the House of FPDIP Panda Nababan, Obama plans to visit Indonesia considered less mature and seem to play games. According to her medical bill was not a sudden thing. And he asked the government to determine the arrival of Obama's schedule. Obama delaying his arrival to Indonesia from the original plan on 23-25 March to June.

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