Facebook is also a place selling alcohol

Criminal cases through the Internet increasingly widespread and growing into a variety of illegal business, including buying and selling alcohol. If the Indonesian case is trafficking, fraud, defamation, and kidnapping, in the UK Facebook is misused as a means of buying and selling drinks. Richard Wright (28) from Carlton in Nottinghamshire, England, falsifying his identity became Booze Monkeys on social networking sites since 2008. Local police found that he was selling alcohol to minors by perpetrators internet.Identitas printed on his Facebook account. This makes it easy to reach the target market at any time. Mode is the teenage son to order alcohol through Facebook and delivered direct perpetrators. Even in writing, 'The beer will be delivered directly to your home every Friday and Saturday starting at 23:00 until 04.00. The good news, the offender was captured February 13 and with the help of 15-year old teenager who pretended to order a bottle of vodka and two crates subjected bir. Prosecution for selling alcohol to children under 18 years old and doing business without a license. Legal sanctions should be lived is to do work without pay for 100 hours and pay the fine of 85 pounds. Facebook own party had to cancel my actors from her site. Facebook spokeswoman said the site is relying on users to control who may enter in his account or not. Account the user should report if they find anything suspicious. Facebook also regularly works with law enforcement agencies to combat Internet crimes such this. If the network has collaborated with the police, it was the control of the family, especially parents, also had a role to fight crime on the internet.

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