BlackBerry was not..

BlackBerry smart phones now across all the word this was most of the popular phone in the world, Since Barrack Obama used this phone for first launch BlackBerry in USA. Now BlackBerry was making addictive people all the world. The BlackBerry service, which lets user check email and accsess data services on their handlhed devices, has become a lifeline for many business executives and is increasingly popular among consumers with models like the BlackBerry Pearl.
Almost people choose the BlackBerry for a business this can important to their life. When grow so fast in Asia, BlackBerry was duplicated almost from another country like China. But this not BlackBerry down about this problem, they know where their market suppose to do. A life style now make background in each life executive businessman. Market down but stay have consumer high class like executive businessman. Blackberry was not scared to be a smartphones which have data email and other data services to each everyone used. But BlackBerry was have powerfull for lifestyle human being especially in Indonesian. Almost Executive Business use BlackBerry in their hand but sometimes kids also. BlackBerry every world country should have this for a business man.

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